Rally Whangarei

Rally Whangarei Safety Comms

13-15 May 2022

In May Auckland AREC assisted Rally New Zealand by providing safety radio communications at 5km intervals along the the 18 special stages of the rally. Using a mixture of fixed and portable VHF repeaters AREC operators kept track of the passing rally cars, relaying details of each car as it passed the checkpoint back to rally control in Whangarei. Operators acted as flag marshalls, and in the event of a closure of a stage due to an accident or other event were prepared to stop rally traffic by displaying Red warning flags.

Sean ZL1LMT recording details on Special Stage 13

One of the key features of the rally - Dust, and lots of it.

Early morning mist on special stage 4. An HF longwire antenna mounted on the rear of the car allowed for email connectivity on 14MHz via an HF Winlink station in Hawaii despite zero cellphone coverage at this location.