Field Station information

Field Stations.

Stations wishing to take part will be allocated AREC callsigns for the exercise and their station details logged in to SARTrack.

Stations will be called by the Base Operator and given messages in AREC format which will consist of quiz questions.

They then find the answer by any means available - Google, Wikipedia, Phone a friend, personal knowledge, ask other stations…

When they have the answer, compose a message and pass it to the Base station operator.

Once the answer has been received and logged by the base operator, a new question will be issued.

Message format.

Questions from Base to Field will be transmitted in the following format:

Message Number: Question messages will be numbered in sequence starting at Q1 eg “Quebec 8”

Date Time : (ddmmyy hhmm) eg 250921 1035

To: Field station callsign, eg ZK1EXX

From: Ops

Message; “Text of question. End of message”

Field stations will transmit the answers to questions in the following format:

Message Number: The message number will be the question number prefixed by A. (ie the Answer to Q8 will be Alpha 8)

Date Time : ddmmyy hhmm eg 250921 1054

To: Ops

From: Field station callsign, eg ZK1EXX

Message; Re Quebec 8– answer is – text of answer. End of message”


For practice, stations are encouraged to maintain a paper log using the standard AREC Log format and to record inbound and outbound messages using AREDC message forms.

Forms and Operating Aids

Message Form

AREC message.pdf

Radio Log

AREC-CDEM radio log.pdf

List of Pro-Words

List of Prowords.pdf

AREC National Comms Plan

Communications Plan 2021.pdf