Visit to Auckland Transport Operations Centre

2 August 2021

Members of North Shore AREC and North Shore Radio club had the opportunity to visit the Auckland Transport Operations Centre (ATOC).

Team Leader Mark and Real Time Operator James explained the various roles of ATOC and the technology they use to monitor all aspects of the road, motorway and public transport networks throughout the Auckland region and beyond. This included a description of the various radio systems used to communicate with the key stakeholders in the transport system including NZ Police, road and infrastructure providers and maintainers, security at the various transport hubs throughout the region, Civil Defence and Emergency Management, public transport operators etc.

James from ATOC explains the radio systems used in the operations centre

Following the presentation we were able to visit the operations room where staff monitor transport activities throughout the region using a network of 3000 CCTV cameras covering the motorways, roads, tunnels, and other key locations on the transport network such as rail stations.

We are very grateful to the ATOC staff from AT/Waka Kotahi who made the visit possible and gave us an insight into the fascinating and complex task of keeping Auckland moving safely. It was great to see behind the scenes in this highly professional and essential organisation which works out of the public eye to keep things moving.

Thanks ATOC