lockdown comms exercise

North Shore AREC will be conducting an exercise suitable for operation from home during the lockdown. Anyone interested in Emergency Comms is welcome to take part.

Date: Saturday 25 September. This will replace a Police SAREX and a Community Resilience event at Greenhithe, both of which were going to involve AREC members but have been postponed until next year due to Covid.

The exercise has three components.

1. We will use the SARTrack software to simulate an incident management team operating from various locations and connected to the SARTrack database server to practice using the SARTrack incident management functions.

2. AREC members and other interested hams throughout the Auckland region will practice message handling to and from the incident management team using amateur repeaters.

3. The message traffic will be in the form of a Trivial Pursuits type quiz to test your knowledge of AREC, SAR, Civil Defence, and other radio-related topics. Questions will be generated by the IMT and passed to participants, who will research the answers, and pass the answers back to the IMT.

It's not a contest – we won’t be keeping scores!

To register to take part please Email RMNth@arec.nz
With the following info:
Which repeaters can you access from your location.